Dora Maybe I am the Explorer

Dog or Throat

There are times in life where you accept less and less and fight more and more. The blood flowing, the heart racing, and life gripping. Like a dog at a throat. Am I the dog or am I the throat?


A Ride For Gold

Man’s desire for gold and riches have driven him to the edges of the earth and humanity. His soul and his body tested beyond all imaginable breaking points. And there are many breaking points in everyday man’s life. But greed and the obsessive search of fortune pushes the will past pain, past fatigue, and further into a corral of absolute insanity and adventure. Now we didnt experience this really. Truth be told, we rode about an hour and half north towards the land of Oklahoma to a indian casino. The weather was cloudy with a high of 68, and we ate Denny’s before departing in the late afternoon. The goal was the same though. It was all in the pursuit of fortune. There’s gold in that there neon covered building surrounded by an oddly large number of handicap parking spaces. Gold I tell ya!
The great American casino. Panning for gold in a river of lights, sounds, booze, cigarette smoke and motorized wheelchairs. Don’t forget the occasional oxygen tank through the misty fog of second hand cancer. The casino and I have a complicated relationship. Love /hate I would say. I’m not one who has luck in their corner. Frankly, a lucky day to me is a day filled with as little awkwardness and misfortune as possible. I got through the day without embaressing myself? That’s one damn lucky day in my book! But shure enough every now and then I get brave and test luck’s waters.
The ride there was slowed down by late afternoon traffic. Once Chris and I got out of the city, it sure felt good to be on that Highway. Wheels bouncing along and that raw rumble of the engine throughout your body. Your feet gliding dangerously just inches above black road at high speeds. It’s wonderful. The road to Oklahoma is not curvy or scenic, but it’s out of the city and it’s open country. Many other bikes were taking the same route, and that gave me the sense that this was going to be a good trip. It felt good to be on a ride towards anywhere other than work or the same old beer/food joints. On the road there was a moment where these birds were slowly swirling to the shape of a vortex. Almost like a black slow motion tornado. Hundreds, thousands in this migration flock. As they expanded onto the stretch of road we were on, my awe and admiration quickly faded to concern as I thought of the odds of those birds needing to poop. I sighed in relief as I passed through unmarked. My riding partner Chris, on the other hand, ended up the target of an expert bomber. This flying ace ended up finding his mark upon the beating left breast of the rider. A splat of white right over his heart. Upon arrivial at the casino I was shown the evidence in combo with annoyance on Chris’ face. This would be the last happy moment of the trip.
Remember that luck thing? Yeah, well, still not on my side. With pockets full of bills, Chris and I set off to double or triple their weight. Like a foreign marketplace full of lights, sounds, and chain smokers, we navigated through it’s rows and alleys. I will spare the sad Details of the beating I recieved from every animated character I came across on the machines. Or the anger and humility of losing while others found success. After hours of battle against machines, we were defeated. We retreated home.
Homebound and defeated we rode into the black night. The temperature dropped only slightly but the wind picked up immensely. 20mph ave with gusts going into 30mph, possibly more. Its like the roswell trip all over! Minus the heavy downpour. What’s with the rides home with us?? I thought to myself “you can do this Dora! You’ve rode through that storm in west Texas. That was wind AND rain. Phh what’s a little wind?” What’s a little wind? I’ll tell ya, fucking terrifying! The bikes were gliding side to side on the road. Every time a big gust would slap me from the side it would be so forceful my helmet would push my head to turn. As fear overcame me I tensed up. Alternating my body from a low position to high. My tense body aching everytime I came across huge bumps on the road, terrified to let go of the handlebar for a sec. Adding to the nightmare were construction trucks pulling trailers full of heavy equipment. The little trailer wheels bouncing violently as they got tossed around like a mouse to a cat’s paw. 18 wheelers with their full sail trailers were being pushed and toyed with ease as well. I had to pull over due to pain in my knees and legs from being tense and to calm my nerves. Chris and I sat in silence in an empty cafe and tried to regain strength and courage to continue. Well, not sure of Chris’ state of bravery but I was absolutely a wreck with nerves. We rode off again into theblack night. adding to the equation violent high winds, black darkness all around and blinding highway lights. I couldn’t see anything behind me and trusted that Chris could when changing lanes. The lights reflected off my side mirrors and burned into my eyes causing headache pain. A bit of relief hit me when we made it onto the tollway. It was a sign of getting that much closer to home. It quickly faded to paranoia again as the gusts of wind were even more intense on this elevated highway. No breaks given yet. As Chris and I separated at our exits we gave a nod and a hope for safety home. When I finally arrived in my driveway, I grimminced in pain as my knees refused to extend out of the bent position. I hung my helmet and kicked off my boots to collaps onto bed. My legs and hands feeling like pin cushions. I couldn’t help but smile at the moment Oklahoma came into conversation for a trip. “Oh its just an hour or so away.” I really shouldn’t be trusted anymore. Pain came to my knees again and my eyes grew heavy. Defeated physically, and financially I stared at the ceiling wondering what’s next. Then I let out a chuckle as I remembered the bird poop on Chris’ jacket, and dozed off to sleep peacefully.

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